Jill Kerttula's work is a combination of photography and stitching. It is also strongly influenced by her backgrounds in graphic design and one-of-a-kind garment making.

Inspiration comes from objects and colors found and photographed in both urban landscapes and the natural world, but the strongest influence is texture; The bark of a tree, the cool smoothness of ice, the graininess of concrete, the hard symmetry of brick work, the leaves as they change from summer soft to winter brittle, sticks. How textures are influenced and enhanced by changing light is an important consideration in her work. 

She is open to both the materials and the process. All is fair game. The specific materials and processes vary from piece to piece, but fabric, and other fiber materials, respond well to manipulation, layering,  and create the tactile textures that are not present in photography. The direct manipulation of the materials very meaningful to her, and why she uses “handcraft” materials and processes. While the pieces may be technically two dimensional, she considers the process sculpture-like. www.jill2day.com